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It’s Time to Face an uncomfortable reality…

firefighter SCBA Facepieces are far from Indestructible.

And Damage to Yours Might Mean You Aren’t Ready When the Moment arrives.

The Most Vulnerable part of Your PPE takes the most abuse

Forcing doors… Dragging Lines… Hitting Hydrants… Venting Roofs… Throwing ladders…

All critical fireground tasks that expose your mask to swinging into things, being hit by tools, or just getting the crap beat out of it.

If you crack your mask forcing the door… will you be making the push?

If your mask is so scratched it looks like a blizzard inside… can you really see well enough to work that saw safely?

That mask bag is useless for protecting your mask once you’re off the rig…

But that doesn’t mean you have to leave your mask exposed…


The Only SCBA Mask Protection That Goes where you go

Without Compromise


The Only SCBA Mask Protection That Goes where you go

Without Compromise

By Firefighters For Firefighters

Designed and manufactured by career firefighters, BA Shields are the single greatest solution for facepiece protection from the door of the apparatus to the door of the structure… and beyond.

The Best of All Worlds

✓ Securely attaches to the facepiece and will not fall off no matter the task

✓ Incredibly durable and nearly Impenetrable

✓ impervious to water, debris, and contaminants

✓ Instant off when its time to don your mask and go to work

Lifetime Warranty

Your Facepiece will always be just as ready to work as you are.

Where Can you Find BA Shields?

* Not to be considered official department endorsements.

Orlando, FL FD
Aurora, IL FD
Sioux Falls, SD FD
Jacksonville, IL Fire Training Division
Indianapolis, IN FD
Baltimore County, MD FD
Iowa City, IA FD
City of Charleston, SC FD
Tampa, FL Fire Rescue
Philadelphia, PA FD
Honolulu, HI FD
Portland, OR Fire and Rescue
Anne Arundel County, MD FD
Loudoun County, VA Fire Rescue
Oklahoma City, OK FD
Seminole County, FL SO USART

Memphis, MS FD
Chattanooga, TN FD
Baltimore County, MD FD Dive Team
Clearwater, FL Fire Rescue Training Div
Ventura County, FL Sheriffs Off
Augusta, VA County Fire Rescue
Panama City, FL Fire Rescue
Arizona State Fire Training
Sacramento, CA FD
Clark County, NV FD
San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Dept Dive Team
Prince Georges County, MD FD
Jacksonville, FL FD
Palm Beach County, FL Fire Rescue
Miami Dade, FL Fire Rescue
Miami Beach, FL FD

Broward County, FL Sheriffs Office
Tampa, FL Fire Rescue
Memphis, TN Fire Rescue
Frederick County, MD Fire Rescue
Boston, MA FD
San Bernardino County, CA Fire
San Antonio, TX FD
Alexandria, VA FD
Worcester, MA FD
Roanoke County, VA Fire Rescue
Department of Defense Fire Academy
Fairfax County, VA Fire Rescue
Cal Fire Training Center
International Association of Firefighters
Lake County, FL Fire Rescue

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