The New Standard In SCBA Mask Protection & Realistic Blackout Training

In A Single Device
With Style

Dual-Purpose Design

Master of Both

designed by career firefighters, made in the USA

Virtually Indestructible Protection that goes where you go

defend your sCBA mask during any task

“I hated using my mask bag, and the shield is the perfect solution. Keeps it protected and lets me hook the mask to my regulator without having a bulky bag around.”
Nick Tallet
Verified Buyer

SCBA Mask Protection Right to the Front Door

Pull it off and pitch it to the side. Don’t worry, nothing can hurt it anyway.

Instant off when it’s time to get on air and get the job done

made from a tough thermo-molded plastic, the shields are Impervious To Moisture, Debris, Impacts, & Contaminants…

“It’s a great product and has really held up well. There have been quite a few times when we were investigating a call and have had to mask up and there was zero issues taking the BA Shield off quickly. I tossed it off on the fire floor one call and came back to find it under debris. All it took was some soap and water and it was good to go.”
Anthony Alosi
Verified Buyer

Defending Your SCBA Mask Should Never Get In the way of your assigned task

Instant-On, Instant-Off
Full Black Or Partial Smoke

hyper-realistic Blackout Training Anytime, Anywhere, With Unlimited Uses…

Donning and doffing.
On air and off.

They will work great for our firefighter survival training moving forward!! We were looking for something that provided limited visibility but not total blackout and these hit the mark.
Matthew Von Steuben
Verified Buyer

The only blackout training aid that lets firefighters get on the floor, work hard and train like firefighters

“Easy to use during oriented search and VES training. Firefighters keep their masks on when transitioning from IDLH to ladder rescue saving time and creating realism.”
Cameron Kiyokawa
Verified Buyer

Securely Attached So It Will Not Dislodge and Interrupt Training. Ever.

firefighter training should reflect reality.
train like you fight

The Reality Of Readiness

Scratched up and damaged facepieces mean firefighters not ready to get in the fight when called. A fact that might not be discovered until the moment it’s time to make entry on a critical task.

Replacing SCBA Mask lenses has budget and manpower costs that can easily be avoided. Not because the fireground tasks changed, but because the prevention measures did.

Forcing firefighters to deal with haphazard blackout options like wax paper or hoods on backwards means creating unrealistic training scars. Firefighters need deeply trained muscle memory that reflects reality as closely as possible, otherwise the real deal may be the big show they were never trained for.

Lifetime Warranty

Our lifetime warranty covers damage of the product through the course of normal use from punctures, penetrations and deformities (not related to heat exposure greater than that generated by normal atmospheric conditions), including the Shield itself, attachment points, padding material and shock cord. But who knows, send us your story of how your BA Shield was damaged and maybe we will decide to warranty it anyway!

incredibly durable

How about a 100% custom shield?

if you can dream it up, we’ll put it on your shield.

These are not “painted on” either.
The only way you’re removing this artwork is with a belt-sander.

Reflect your personality. Station pride. apparatus pride. whatever you want!

firefighter designed. firefighter and veteran-owned.
made by us right here in the USA.

every firefighter has a side hustle. Well ours is making shields in our extremely Efficient factory right here in the US that allows us to churn out thousands of shields at will.

our ordering process is dead-simple, and custom shields go through multiple steps of confirmation to make sure we make what you want.

from order to shipping, a vast majority of our shields are at your door inside a week.
even custom-made.

BAShields are the gold standard of SCBA mask protection and blackout training.

At a price far lower than a new SCBA lens…

Get Yours Today

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