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New BA Shields for the Scott Vision C5



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Solid Mask

This thing is sturdy! Great for protecting the mask and great for black out training. Definitely recommend. Great fit and stays on well while still being easy to get off.

Corey Sasser
Ba Shields wins again

This shield fits perfectly on this new style of mask!!!!! Was a little worried about the fact that we have the comms package in our masks but this shield still fits properly and doesn’t mess with any of the functions of the comms. Thanks for all you guys do to be the best!!!!

Robert Haberer
Awesome Mask Covers!!

Had one for the old Scott masks and just received mine for the new ones. These things are awesome! Highly recommend. Durable and keeps my mask lens in good shape if I just toss it in my gear. Quick to strip off too. Love it!

Legendary BA Shields Protection for the Brand New 3M™ Scott™ Vision C5 Facepiece!

Protect Your Mask Lens and Train Like You Fight!

All too often, firefighters are forced to leave their bulky mask bags on the rig… and work on the fireground with their mask lens exposed to all the impacts and debris of a live fire scene.

It doesn’t take long before a brand new SCBA lens is covered in small scratches that weren’t even the result of wearing it at a job. 

And occasionally an impact even cracks the lens… taking that firefighter out of the fight and forcing an expensive replacement!


BA Shields securely stay on the mask right up to the second the firefighter dons it at the door, where it only takes a split second to remove.

Mask protection that knows no bounds.


The secret to our durability is in the thermally-molded polymer that is flexible enough to resist all impacts. And the inherent abrasion resistance means a BA Shield would probably win in a fight against a belt sander.


And when it’s time to train, a BA Shield is the best mask blackout option on the market. Period.

The shield stays in place, no matter what training evolution is underway, so firefighters don’t have to stop training and interrupt their mental flow because their blackout fell off again. Seamless training from start to finish.

And with a BA Shield in place, firefighters can don and doff exactly like they do on the fireground. No differences mean ultra-realistic muscle-memory training and no training scars.

The training firefighter can crawl, bang into walls, manhandle a dummy, struggle through a confidence course, and even practice tool work… all without a single care that their mask is at risk.


Lifetime Warranty!

Want to know how confident we are in our products?

How about a lifetime warranty.

Our lifetime warranty covers damage of the product through the course of normal use from punctures, penetrations and deformities (not related to heat exposure greater than that generated by normal atmospheric conditions), including the Shield itself, attachment points, padding material and shock cord.

But who knows, send us your story of how your BA Shield was damaged and maybe we will decide to warranty it anyway!


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