BA Shields Frequently Asked Questions

What is a BA Shield?

BA (Breathing Apparatus) Shields are made to fit on your SCBA or respirator mask and stand up to the daily abuse you put it through. As firefighters, we understand that we can’t always be gentle and our gear needs to be able to keep up. Whether you are police, fire, rescue, military or civilian, sometimes we are tasked with entering environments that may be hazardous or toxic. Therefore, one of the most important pieces of personal protective equipment is our mask with a scratch free lens for maximum visibility. We understand that it isn’t always easy to protect your mask and lens while not in use or on your face, but a BA shield is the solution.

This is a gift but I don’t know what SCBA they use!

That’s OK and fully understandable!

The good news is, we’re firefighters and SCBA’s are our bread and butter. We can help you figure it out without tipping off the gift recipient.

Just click here to shoot an email to We’ll get you sorted out no problem.

Are there other uses?

Absolutely! BA Shields offer a fast, simple and an effective means of training for zero visibility, sometimes known as ‘mask confidence’ drills. This allows the user to get familiar with operating in dark or smoked out environments. BA Shields can be donned or doffed without the need to remove any other piece of your protective ensemble if visibility is suddenly needed. Do you want to know the best part? There is no longer a need to stuff your mask with newspaper, ineffective and ill fitting ‘blackout’ sheets, and no more Saran Wrap or Press N’ Seal causing permanent damage to your lens. As an added bonus, your regulator or cartridge filters can still be used with the BA Shield on the lens.

How Tough Are They

We get this a lot. In fact, people worry about the product getting stepped on. Our recommendation? When you enter your hazardous environment, just ditch the BA Shield at the door. If your BA Shield has your name on it (we use vinyl stickers), it acts as a pseudo-accountability tag. Just collect it with your tools as you exit, reapply, and keep your lens protected. BA Shields are almost impervious to damage and resistant to around 42 different chemicals. Though due to its properties and like most plastics, we STRONGLY advise against exposing it to heat greater than what normal atmospheric conditions can create.  These are NOT INTENDED FOR IDLH ENVIRONMENTS.

Do you do bulk orders for agencies?

Of course! BA Shields are available in large orders and at bulk quantity prices.

Here’s the skinny: Pricing starts at a 10% discount for 50 units. If you have questions about a bulk order, send an email to and we will be happy to get you a personal quote for your order. While we welcome large orders, please keep in mind that each BA Shield is still made by hand in the USA and it may take more than 3 weeks to construct and process your order depending on the order size.

Do you ship internationally?

Absolutely! Canada and Mexico customers can choose said option at checkout for a flat fee of $20.

How long until i get my shield?

Well if you’re one of the fine men or women who have bought a custom product you can expect it to take around 2 to 3 weeks for us to design it, print it, mold it, and ship it. Remember, we are family men first and career firefighters second. Don’t worry, you come next, but this does mean that sometimes things can get delayed, but rest assured when we aren’t spending time at home with our families, or slaying the dragon, we’re working on your Custom BA Shield. If you ordered a stock image we try to get those out within 48 hours of the order, however sometimes life happens and delays occur. Due to extreme popularity please understand it could occasionally take up to 2 weeks for select styles (that way when it ships same day you can be surprised!).

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