Quick Release Shackles

Quick Release Shackles




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Breydon Lyall

Quick Release Shackles

Jack Schuepbach
Quick release shackle review

The thing is badass and it does it’s job well. Bought it for a buddy and he uses its now with no issue. Solid product !

Lucas P.

I like the operation of the device, I ordered two and one came and the stitching was coming out already. The other seems in good shape but on a Scott Air Pak where the photos display it going on the shoulder hook the metal/material is so thick that putting it on and off is a real chore to start the shift. Also to note on new Paks Scott has removed this clip so where it is shown and where it works well as far as positioning will/ is no longer an option.

James Baker

100% satisfied

Zachary Pelster
Fits perfectly

Looks great, just as I asked for. And I had to tighten the straps to get a perfect fit but I love my mask cover!

Have you ever wondered how to make yourself faster on the fire ground? Maybe you’ve struggled with unclipping your mask from your SCBA harness. Maybe worse yet, you fumble around with your bag so much that you can’t get your job done. Finally a solution!

Quick Release Shackles are a leather strap on a quick release shackle that allows for lightning fast deployment of your SCBA mask, even with gloves on!

Variety is the spice of life and at BA Shields we want to offer you choices:

Also featuring Ridgeway Leatherworks’ QRS – A great firefighter owned businesses!

Add that to your BA Shield combination and you can be sure to shave off seconds from your time masking up.

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