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Quick Release Shackles


Quick Release Shackles



Customer Reviews

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Zachary Searle
Works Great!

Product works great, looks great and was a decent price.

Brian Cassidy
Great Quality

The quick release shackle is definitely of high quality stainless steel. The leather pull tab is exactly how I wanted it. When the tab is pulled, it’s a nice, smooth release. Haven’t had any hang ups. 100% worth the purchase. Highly recommend.

C Chappelle
Quick release as expected

I’ve been looking for a solution to my kit for where my mask rides. I was never a fan of it dangling on the regulator or tossed over my shoulder out of reach. The BA Shields quick release is a simple effective solution that keeps my mask close and out of the way until needed. Keep up the great work guys!

Scott Spangler
Quick and Perfect

Order shipped quick and was exactly what I asked for

Rocky M
Great Products

Purchased a BA Shield and the quick-release shackle. Utilized both for several calls and have been pleased with both products. Easy to choose from the selection of Shields. The only problem I had was trying to purchase the laser engraved shackle, I was unable to purchase one laser engraved. It seemed to put me into a loop of selecting a product, and selecting the design but being unable to add to the cart.
Other than that minor ordering issue, it would be 5 stars for the purchase. Quick shipping too!

Have you ever wondered how to make yourself faster on the fire ground? Maybe you’ve struggled with unclipping your mask from your SCBA harness. Maybe worse yet, you fumble around with your bag so much that you can’t get your job done. Finally a solution!

Quick Release Shackles are a leather strap on a quick release shackle, and with just a simple light pull, they allow for lightning fast deployment of your SCBA mask, even with gloves on!

Add that to your BA Shield combination and you can be sure to shave off seconds from your time masking up.

Now available to be customized. Choose a font and let us know what you want yours to say!

Please note that you don’t have to use your firefighter strength to release your mask, just a gentle pull will do!

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