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The undeniable standard in firefighter SCBA facepiece protection…

and blackout training

Also Makes The Best Crew Gift Ever!

Are You Tired Of…

Bulky mask bags that only slow you down and don’t protect your mask?

Scratched up or damaged SCBA lenses that obstruct vision or require replacement?

Unrealistic wax paper, turned-around hoods, and single use training aids?

We Were Too.

That’s Why We Invented The Solution.

  • Nearly indestructible SCBA lens protection that goes where you go, regardless of your task.
  • Removes in seconds for quick mask-up.
  • Impervious to water, debris and impacts.
  • Industry-leading SCBA blackout training aid with unlimited uses, and it Won’t. Fall. Off.
  • Smoked-Out version perfectly replicates a partial smoke environment which means you can train with a flashlight and a thermal imager.
  • Fully customizable with images, department patches, names, etc.

Custom BA Shields Make The Best Crew Gifts

If you Can Dream It, We Can Put It On A Shield

Invented by Firefighters For Firefighters

Did someone say Durable?

We Are BA Shields

Almost a decade ago, two career firefighters (Pat and Cody) sat down to figure out a better way to protect their SCBA masks while training.

What they created became an almost instant success.

Since then, the design has been refined and expanded to better suit the needs of firefighters worldwide.

What didn’t change are the values that built this company.

Today, BA Shields are still 100% made in the United States with 100% locally sourced materials, at the BA Shields manufacturing facility in Nevada.

Shields can be found in every state and most major cities, along with hundreds of smaller departments, as well as Canada, Mexico, Europe and the Middle East.

BA Shields are the training tool of choice for dozens of regional and city fire academies, along with several firefighter specialty training agencies.

If you are ready for a real SCBA protection option and blackout training without half-assed “hacks” then order your shield today.

Lifetime Warranty

Bulk Orders, Single Source and PO Orders Available

BA Shields Are The Gold Standard Of SCBA Mask Protection And Blackout Training.

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