Smoked Out Series

Smoked Out Series


Kick your training up a dozen notches with this unlimited use training tool that also doubles as a mask protector.

Same incredibly tough construction that makes all BA Shields legendary, now in a translucent, smokey color.



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Chris Renteria
Great product!

Multi-function use, training and mask protection!

Killian Whitley
Smoked Out G1 Shield

Awesome product! My captain bought 3 more for the crew after I showed him mine! Asked in notes section at check out if they could make my retention cords lime green. Sure enough the shield came with lime green retention cords! Would 100% recommend!

Russell Wong

Vital training piece of equipment.

Michael Vogel

Smoked Out Series

Matt Brown

Very user friendly and easy to put on mask.

Since the invention of SCBA training, firefighters have had only two options for training: full vision, or blacked out.The problem is, interior firefighting doesn’t always fall into either of those categories!


Overcome Partial Senses in Training

Every veteran firefighter knows that partial smoke environments are just as tough, if not tougher, than zero visibility. Science tells us that completely “turning off” one sense will heighten the ability of your other senses. But when firefighters are working in that partial visibility environment, their eyes struggle to decipher what they’re seeing. 

That struggle dulls the other senses and it isn’t until the firefighter is experienced enough to quickly interpret what their limited vision is telling them, that they can operate effectively.

But without a smoke machine, partial smoke is very difficult to replicate without turning your training into a massive theater act (which reduces the training value).

Until Now


The Smoked Out Series BA Shield is an incredibly tough, molded outer shield that snaps on to the most common firefighter SCBA facepieces. When in place, the translucent material lets in just enough light to replicate the limited visibility that can occur in developing fires.


The best part? These shields can be snapped on and off in an instant, are impervious to moisture and impacts, and will allow firefighters to don and doff their masks in training exactly like they would on the fireground.

No slipping off, no wax paper poking the firefighters in the eye… infinitely reusable… training as close to real life as possible. 

So firefighters can crawl and operate without a single concern for the surface of their mask, or accidentally knocking off the “blackout shield”.

They can get on the floor, crawl, slide, bang into things, manhandle dummies, and even practice forcible entry… Just like they would operate at a real job.


And when not being used for training, these shields can live ON the masks, providing nearly impenetrable protection for the expensive mask lens.


BA Shields are a one-of-a-kind protection and training tool, and are in use all over the world by some of the most premiere agencies.

Tested and proven.


Lifetime Warranty!

Want to know how confident we are in our products?

How about a lifetime warranty.

Our lifetime warranty covers damage of the product through the course of normal use from punctures, penetrations and deformities (not related to heat exposure greater than that generated by normal atmospheric conditions), including the Shield itself, attachment points, padding material and shock cord.

But who knows, send us your story of how your BA Shield was damaged and maybe we will decide to warranty it anyway!


Scott models come in a universal pattern, so no need to specify amp location.

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