Laser Engraved Quick Release Shackle

Laser Engraved Quick Release Shackle


Quick Release Shackles with Laser Name Engraving!

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Have you ever wondered how to make yourself faster on the fire ground? Maybe you’ve struggled with unclipping your mask from your SCBA harness. Maybe worse yet, you fumble around with your bag so much that you can’t get your job done. Finally a solution!

Quick Release Shackles are a leather strap on a quick release shackle, and with just a simple light pull, they allow for lightning fast deployment of your SCBA mask, even with gloves on!

Add that to your BA Shield combination and you can be sure to shave off seconds from your time masking up.

Now available to be customized. Choose a font and let us know what you want yours to say!

Please note that you don’t have to use your firefighter strength to release your mask, just a gentle pull will do!

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