SCBA Facepiece Protection and Blackout Training
Without Limits

Training with Unlimited Uses

  • Nearly Indestructible – BA Shields are in use at fire academies across the United States… Even the recruits can’t break them.
  • Instant on, Instant off – No more fumbling with wax paper that shifts, or sticky residue on masks.
  • No Training Scars – Don and doff in training exactly like you would on the fireground. Realistic training means realistic performance.
  • Protection While Training – Not only will a Smoked Out BA Shield perfectly replicate a limited-visibility environment… but it will also protect your facepiece from impacts while you are actively training.

Door to Door Protection

  • Goes where you go – No matter the task, your BA Shield will protect your lens surface until the moment it’s time to go inside.
  • Off in seconds – When it’s time to don, your BA Shield will never slow you down.
  • Impervious to water and debris – Don’t worry about your Shield while you work.

Where Can you Find BA Shields?

* Not to be considered official department endorsements.

Orlando, FL FD
Aurora, IL FD
Sioux Falls, SD FD
Jacksonville, IL Fire Training Division
Indianapolis, IN FD
Baltimore County, MD FD
Iowa City, IA FD
City of Charleston, SC FD
Tampa, FL Fire Rescue
Philadelphia, PA FD
Honolulu, HI FD
Portland, OR Fire and Rescue
Anne Arundel County, MD FD
Loudoun County, VA Fire Rescue
Oklahoma City, OK FD
Seminole County, FL SO USART

Memphis, MS FD
Chattanooga, TN FD
Baltimore County, MD FD Dive Team
Clearwater, FL Fire Rescue Training Div
Ventura County, FL Sheriffs Off
Augusta, VA County Fire Rescue
Panama City, FL Fire Rescue
Arizona State Fire Training
Sacramento, CA FD
Clark County, NV FD
San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Dept Dive Team
Prince Georges County, MD FD
Jacksonville, FL FD
Palm Beach County, FL Fire Rescue
Miami Dade, FL Fire Rescue
Miami Beach, FL FD

Broward County, FL Sheriffs Office
Tampa, FL Fire Rescue
Memphis, TN Fire Rescue
Frederick County, MD Fire Rescue
Boston, MA FD
San Bernardino County, CA Fire
San Antonio, TX FD
Alexandria, VA FD
Worcester, MA FD
Roanoke County, VA Fire Rescue
Department of Defense Fire Academy
Fairfax County, VA Fire Rescue
Cal Fire Training Center
International Association of Firefighters
Lake County, FL Fire Rescue

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