Custom Orders

Whether you want a picture of your family, department logo, or President Reagan on a velociraptor, we can make it happen. A few requirements:

  • In order to make your shield look good, we need an image that is at least 300 dpi in size.

  • C&C Designs reserves the right to deny images that it deems offensive, degrading, derogatory or just plain upsetting. C&C Designs is also not allowed to reproduce images protected by Copyright and Trademark laws (this includes professional sporting teams, movie logos, business logos, etc.). Exceptions include written or verbal authorized permission to use the image. Proof may be required.

  • By placing a custom fire department logo on your Shield, it is assumed that you, the buyer, have permission to use the logo. C&C Designs is not responsible for unauthorized use of images/logos.

  • Custom orders and images cannot be returned.

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