Where’s my Shield?

Valued Customer and fellow firefighter….

If you're one of the fine men or women who have bought a custom product you can expect it to take around 2 to 3 weeks for us to design it, print it, mold it, and ship it. Remember, we are family men first and career firefighters second. Don't worry, you come next, but this does mean that sometimes things can get delayed, but rest assured when we aren't spending time at home with our families, or slaying the dragon, we're working on your Custom BA Shield. If you ordered a stock image we try to get those out within 48 hours of the order, however sometimes life happens and delays occur. Due to extreme popularity please understand it could occasionally take up to 2 weeks for select styles (that way when it ships same day you can be surprised!). All orders will receive a tracking number once they are marked as shipped in the system, so don’t worry, when it goes out you’ll know!

If you ordered with a payable invoice rather than on the website, we update all invoices with a tracking number, shipping method, and date shipped at the bottom of the invoice. These invoices are living documents and can be accessed through the clickable link on the invoice email from Wave, so hang on to that email until you receive your order.

Thanks for your understanding!

Cody and Pat

BA Shields